We are proud to offer what we believe is the best Korean buffet in Sydney.

Korea has a very diverse range of cuisine, arising from its many different local traditions and the influence they had upon each other. Korea is as well known for its barbeque meats as it is for its fermented Kimchi, baby octopus, omelette pancakes, seasonings, marination, vegetable side-dishes, noodles and Gimbap. Many of these use ingredients not far removed from western cuisine. Gimbap is similar to Japanese sushi, but with different flavouring. Korean barbecue uses pork, beef and chicken, but the thin and marinated charcoal cooked meats make for a rather different experience. Sydney diners find Korean buffet has familiar foods prepared in way they previous hadn’t considered.
Our Buffet includes:
- Gimbap (Sushi)
- Pork Belly
- Beef ribs
- Chicken skewer
- Sweet and sour Pork
- Steamed rice
- Chicken feet
- Kimchi
- Seaweed soup
- Honey Chicken
- Prawns
- Ox Tail
- Cold Jellyfish salad
- Thin Sliced radish
- Pan fried seafood Pancake
- Fruit salad
- Baby Octopus,

Korean Buffet Sydney
What could be better than dining out with an unlimited choice of food? Korean buffet is just that, but with food not too dissimilar to western tastes. Experience many of your favourite meats, sea-foods and desserts, but with an approach that makes them completely new again.