Seoul Barbeque Restaurant is in the tradition of South Korea Barbeque food. We have all types of meat, marinated in many different ways, which can be cooked in any way you prefer.

With Korean Barbecue with believe the best cooked meat comes from charcoal grilling, prepared, cooked and served at the table in front of you. Our thin sliced meat cooks quickly, and is served while it is hot. Cooking you own meat with friends is a social experience, something we know makes the food and whole evening better.

With the Barbeque on the dining table you can prepare the meat any way you wish, not only with the finest cuts of meat but with marinates you cannot often find elsewhere. There are many spices, marination, herbs, dressings and sauces, and there are many side-dishes and vegetables. You can enjoy your favourite meats in an entirely new way, and discover a few new favourites at the same time.

Korean BBQ Sydney

Visitors to South Korea know how often the locals eat out. Restaurants are full and always open till late. This is a testimony to the food and service. The quality is excellent and there is always more to try.

Korean Barbecue may use familiar meats, with beef, pork, sea-foods and chicken, but the approach is different to western barbecue. Sydney visitors enjoy their traditional meats, but within the traditions of a foreign culture.

You can make a booking with us to experience Korean BBQ in Sydney